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Monirah Womack, certified Enneagram facilitator and coach, is your guide. Her purpose is to help people bring out the best in themselves … to live life as art.
“Every human is an artist, and this is the main art we have: the creation of our story.”  – Don Miguel Ruiz
Monirah created Portfolio after listening to clients she was coaching ask soul-searching questions about their purpose, mission and living a satisfying life. Their questions inspired her questions about what a fruitful trajectory of inquiry, exploration and discovery could look like. The result is Portfolio.

The Impact of Portfolio

“If you are at a crossroads in your life or career, or just want to feel more fulfilled, Monirah is the person to call. Unlike a more conventional career or life coach who might help with specific problems or challenges, Monirah guides you to find your true purpose in life – whatever that might be. With unending patience and a knack for helping you dig deep in the most comfortable and fun way, Monirah will take you on an enlightening journey that will end with you feeling freer, happier and more energized. Having the opportunity to work with her was one of the best experiences of my life.” – Debbie

My work with Monirah was life changing. First of all, when you work with Monirah, pay attention to serendipity in your life outside of your time with her. So many doors opened for me during the months I worked with her and what was meaningful to me was that these doors opened, not because I did anything really different, but because my focus, awareness and energy changed. Second thing, she brings the mind, body and spirit wholistic approach to her work. This was important to me because I am a very “heady” person and I was not listening to my body’s reaction to the expansion and direction of my life work. Monirah modeled for me how to slow down and make room for internalized listening. Through her thorough understanding of the Enneagram, Monirah was able to help me flesh out which parts of my action items were aligned with my core nature and which parts were external “shoulds” that were not serving me. The mapping techniques helped me move ideas out of my head onto paper and I still use those documents to reflect on the expanding aspects of my work.” – Iyabo


The Portfolio Experience

Working one-to-one, you and Monirah will co-create your Portfolio from the raw materials that are already within you, waiting to take shape. Monirah will use her own unique Portfolio method of inquiry, deep listening and reflective practices to open up and guide your exploration. This helps you connect with yourself in a different way—leading to a clearer and more coherent picture of what truly inspires you … converging to reveal what you want to do and be. You will uncover the natural strengths that energize you to live out your inspiration.  

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Exactly where the discovery goes depends uniquely on you, but on an overall plane, it takes you into the space where you can become a more authentic author of your own story, and a creator of your life as art—no drawing or writing skills needed. It is a powerful process for discovering your emergent mission, whether it be personal, professional or both.

How the Experience Unfolds

Time + Energy Commitment

The creation of your own Portfolio can unfold over two to six months, with up to nine or so meetings with Monirah, plus a small bit of homework in between. Because each person’s needs are different, the time line will vary. Your work with Monirah will be complete after you have developed an action plan for your emerging future. Most sessions will run about two hours, with the exception of one half-day session. To discover whether Portfolio is a fit for you, reach out to Monirah to schedule a no-obligation initial meeting at no charge.

Financial Commitment

The fee for the complete Portfolio process is $1,495, payable in three installments—$500 at Portfolio start-up, $500 at 60 days after start-up, $495 at 120 days after start-up (or at wrap-up, if earlier than 120 days), by credit card or check. With up-front payment rather than installments, the total fee is $1,350. Sliding scale fees are available on a limited basis.

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