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You may already know and live into your calling, and will benefit from having an experienced sounding board, or …

You want to stretch yourself, to grow into more of who you can be.  Perhaps there’s an issue to address, or a desire for greater resilience when change happens. 
Most often, Monirah is requested as a coach when these issues arise in career or professional life.

The Impact of Coaching

“Working with Monirah as a business coach has done more for my career than any other decision I’ve madeMonirah doesn’t need the traditional tough love approach; instead she facilitates clarity. The personal ‘aha’s’ she’s helped me reach are intrinsically motivating and have produced amazing results in my professional growth and for the bottom line of my employer.” – Melanie

“Over the past few years, I have consulted with Monirah/On Purpose on several occasions when faced with an especially challenging work situation. Her knowledge of principles of the Enneagram has helped me form more effective and satisfying relationships at work. Monirah has helped me understand how to leverage my natural inclinations and personal style to find solutions that work for everyone. I feel better prepared and more confident in my ability to approach challenging situations in a productive, non-confrontational way that builds stronger business relationships—within my organization and with key stakeholders and clients.” – Melissa

The Coaching Experience

Coaching can sometimes touch into the personal, because a satisfying life is more than just work.  Whatever brings you to coaching, you and Monirah will co-create a coaching plan based on your priorities and a practical time frame for achieving them.

How the Experience Unfolds

Time + Energy Commitment
Monirah’s clients typically are curious, open to reflecting and responding to questions, have a desire to grow and are committed to engaging in their inner development. Coaching sessions are 60 minutes, in person or via video chat/phone. The time line will depend on your coaching priorities and the coaching plan you and Monirah create. To discover whether you and Monirah click as a coaching match, reach out to schedule a no-obligation initial meeting at no charge.

Financial Commitment
The fee for private-pay coaching is $125 per 60-minute session, payable by credit card or check at the conclusion of each session. Sliding scale fees are available on a limited basis.

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